Welcome to the most beautiful industry of all time. Cosmetology, the study of Hair, Skin and Nails, is a profession that dates back thousands of years, and will continue to be a strong and growing industry for years to come.   Working in a salon or spa has many wonderful and exciting opportunities. It’s a glamorous, creative and vibrant business. If this is to be your career path, whether it is as a hair designer, esthetician, nail technician, a laser technician or receptionist, Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa would like to help you grow into the best you can be both personally, and also professionally.

 Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa would love to accompany you on your journey into the world of beauty. You will become part of a learning experience that is not merely a school, but a facility that creates a working Salon and Spa atmosphere. You will  learn the trade of your dreams and you will establish business, sales and management skills that will last a lifetime.

Visions Learning Centre is not only a School that teaches Cosmetology to students, but we are also a salon that invites clients to visit our location. In our reality-based environment, you as a student are going to be transformed into a cosmetologist. Clients love our services, and return for the excellent service and care they receive.

Some of the services we offer include:

Haircutting                Colour                        Foils               Up-Styles             Hot Stones 

Waxing                      Perms                        Facials           Spa Wraps            Spray Tan 

Foot Detox                 Make-up        Manicures     Microdermabrasion                 Ear Piercing

Ear Candling                        Pedicures      Nail Art           Cold Laser          Princess Parties

We are a School of Cosmetology

School of Cosmetology

Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa