Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa

School of Cosmetology


Professionally performed Electrolysis eliminates  unwanted hair - permanently - with unsurpassed results, and is the only permanent hair removal method recognized by medical science. We include a complimentary consultation. 6-12 visits recommended.

                 10 Minutes (minimum time)                   $35
                 15 Minutes                                            $40
                 30 Minutes                                            $50
                 45 Minutes                                            $60
                 60 Minutes                                            $75

Additional minutes                        $1.00 per minute

 Tattoo Removal

Administered in the same fashion as a tattoo, EliminInk can potentially remove all colors of tattoo ink causing minimal pain and scarring. 3-8 visits recommended. 30 min= 1 square inch approx

                 30 Minutes                                          $120
                 60 Minutes                                          $210
                 90 Minutes                                          $280

            Additional minutes                       $3.00 per minute

Visions Professional

We are proud to offer the North Island Skin rejuvenation, Permanent Hair Removal, Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Removal services on a completely professional level. All procedures are performed under strict government sanitation and sterilization regulations, by a registered technician.

Permanent Makeup

 The art and science of permanent cosmetic makeup, also called micropigmentation, is a gentle form of tattooing. Pigments are placed into the dermal layer of the skin resulting in lasting, beautiful permanent waterproof color. (1 Touch-up appointment is included in fee, and is to be used within 3 months)

Consultation Fee (reimbursed with service)          25
Eyebrows (touch up included)                             500
Lower Eyeliner (touch up included)                     300

Upper Eyeliner (touch up included)                     300

Full Eyeliner (touch up included)                         500
Lip Liner (touch up included)                               500
Full Lip Shading (touch up included)                 1000
Camouflaging (per hour)                                     300

Maintenance Touch-ups (upon consultation)

Skin Revision

Remove skin imperfections and flaws such as:

Broken Capillaries       Freckles           Spider veins        Pigmentation            Flat moles             Age Spots             Skin Tags          Ruby Points        Sun Damage 
                 10 Minutes (minimum time)                   $40
                 15 Minutes                                            $65
                 30 Minutes                                            $90

            Additional minutes                       $2.00 per minute