What is cosmetology?

Cosmetology is a blanket term covering a variety of related occupations involving attention to general beauty and beauty products. At Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa you can choose to study this particular discipline, which includes hair dressing, nail care, makeup and skin care.

Being a cosmetologist goes beyond just cutting hair in a salon setting. As a cosmetologist you always have to be on the cutting edge of trends and techniques. Licensed cosmetologists are well versed in their training. Their training covers all beauty aspects, client management, environment safety and maintenance. In order to be truly successful you also need to have the skills to accomplish nail and esthetician services. Because cosmetologists work in so many different fields, you have to be exceptional in your management skills while also making each client feel like a star.

As you can see, Cosmetology covers more than just hair. As a cosmetologist you are also well trained in skincare, nails, and makeup. A cosmetologist can have many duties including:

•Styling hair
•Make-up design

 Spa technician

•Product sales person
•Salon owner or manager
•Beauty consultant

And much more. Some even become their own boss and start their own business! As a professional cosmetologist, the opportunities are limitless. With fashion and style accounting for so much in so many industries, cosmetologists are always in high demand. This gives any person with a great eye for style and personality the chance to enhance their lives. Just imagine, you can travel the world working with high end product developers or be the hair and makeup stylist on the next blockbuster film!

In order to start a career in cosmetology, you need the proper training. Your training should enhance your creativity and give you a professional skill set. Our students have aimed high and achieved outstanding careers. Some of the best cosmetologists are the ones that can blend their creativity into the beauty industry. If they can express their passion for fashion within the hairstyles, make-up and total looks that incorporate all aspects of Cosmetology techniques, then they have left a mark that their clients remember, forever.

For students that want to learn it all, this course is recognized world wide, and will open doors to any Salon or Spa. 2200 hours of high impact learning, you can have it all. Join today, by calling 250-956-0004.

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