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Visions Learning Centre: Salon & Spa is pleased to be a part of the North Island. This land is known for its rugged beauty and constant challenges. The people that choose to live here are determined and proud. They see challenge as an opportunity. They find beauty where others may not. Our story is about the people of the North Island. It is a reflection of who they are, and who they will become. It is about the future as well as the past.

 My name is Janice Hahn. Welcome to my school.

Cosmetology has been my life since 1983. During that time I have learned how to build a flourishing business and the secrets of successfully building and retaining a clientele. I am a Graduate of London School of Hairdressing, and have continued my education throughout North America by attending workshops and classes.  I am very proud to offer the North Island a Cosmetology training facility.

My commitment to you is simple: You will learn to be the best you can be.

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